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JH REHAB offer a variety of treatments to help with your needs. if you are struggling with an injury we can help or if its tight muscles or muscle aches we can also help with our massages. 

Josh delivering a sports massage

Sports Massage 


 Sports massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to help improve function and to decrease pain.



 Stress relief, Boosts immune function, Reduces muscle pain, Improves joint mobility, Speeds healing of soft tissue, Enhances circulation, Reduces muscle tension.

Injury Assessment 




 If you are new to JH REHAB and are struggling with a new or long-term injury. Book in for an assessment now so that we can help get you back to were you want to be in your daily life.

Josh providing an injury assessment on an ankle
Josh with a client providing exercise rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation 




 This appointment will be used following an injury assessment. after an injury assessment you will have spoken to your therapist and agreed upon a plan to follow, in which progressions will be given following these catch-up sessions.





Kinesiology tape is used to reduce pain and swelling. It can also be used to help with muscle function whilst still maintaining joint function along with aiding in muscle recovery.


Sports taping offers structural support to joints in order to maintain a stable position.


Benefits – kinesiology offers all round everyday therapeutic benefits.

Sports taping helps to protect from injury and re-injury.

Image of an ankle that has been taped up
image of a client undergoing dry cupping

Dry Cupping




The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can aid in loosening tight muscles, encourage blood flow and stimulate the nervous system. cupping is used to relive muscle pain and tightness whilst also, promoting blood flow to aid in recovery.  

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